For over 60 years, has been FRUCO leading to flavor drinks at home and abroad with fruit flavors of 100% natural.

FRUCO has 2 manufacturing plants located in the State of Mexico and the Federal District, and 2 fruit processing plants for the production of our concentrated in Yucatan and Aguascalientes.

Furthermore, we FRUCO trained specialists and laboratories with the most modern equipment.

Always innovating. We have the following equipment:

 UHT - Ultra High Temperature, is a thermal treatment to preserve drinks in aseptic conditions without preservatives. With this process we can develop milk drinks, juice drinks, soy beverages and more.

 A carbonator with which we can submit proposals for beverage carbonation with different volumes of adapting them to the flavors and types of products will be a small pilot plant for bottling their developments.




Meet the philosophy of FRUCO.